Create beautiful things!

Learn to manipulate and develop your imagery with the power of the Adobe Creative Suite. Using either Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and/or InDesign you can learn to produce images of surreal worlds or environemnts, create banners for social media profiles, enhance and re-touch photographs like a pro, 'airbursh' mistakes or photographical errors and illustrate rich, in depth artwork for your portfolio. The uses are endless but with today's world ever dependant on the internet and visualisations of products or services, businesses can learn to enhance promtional materials, create eye-catching presentations and improve their brand quality.

* Do you have a student studying for any accredited qualifications in Graphic Design? Then please contact use to discuss how we can help deliver the qualification alongside your school or educational facility.

** Graphic design courses delivered in association with Soundskills, Brookfield and the supporting Alison Project (Artists Living In Situations Of Need)