In assosication with Blaze and Overlap.

Music in Motion - Light and sound installation housed within 53 Degrees, Preston. BMX ramps were installed to form a cycle route for the riders performance, executing jumps and tricks along the way. Lasers were placed at the apex of the riders jump and, when broken, would trigger an audio sample and a visual clip on the larger screens. Together they created a live sonic routine to frantic lights and visuals for an enchancted crowd.

No Brakes Too

No Brakes Too

BMX Beats

BMX Beats



Boom Bike

Boom Bike

State of Youth - Youth Music

In the summer of 2010, Whitelab made a connection with GMMAZ (Greater Manchester Music Action Zone) with a view to running a music project for young people in Preston as a celebration towards the continued good work achieved in the local area. After numerous funding applications and proposed rewrites of what we planned to do, the young people of Brookfield, Preston decided they wanted to write, produce and record their own songs with a view to performing them on stage at a local event. The project was to run for 12 months and we aimed to work with up to 50 young people of Preston, either as single artists or bands/groups. Across a series of workshops, each artist/s spent time identifying which genre best suited their style, what image they waited to portray through, both, their material and appearance….after all, the music video would be the opportunity to really identify themselves. Weeks of songwriting, studio recording and production, practice and group rehearsals, video filming and photo shoots culminated in the following pieces of material, of which, we are all extremely proud. A big thanks to all the young people who took part, even those who couldn't quite complete their material. You were a pleasure to work with and we hope your hard work and skill levels show through this product of our time together.

Official Videos

Talia - Believe to Achieve (Official Video)

Blakey & Roach - Childhood in the Wildhood (Official Video)

Fake Leather - Everyday (Official Video)

Aithusa - Too Dark (Official Video) Explicit

Jordan Crinall - Tumbludite (Official Video)

Akky - State of Me (Official Video) Explicit

Round 2 - Mowing Down Peace Gardens - (Official Video) Explicit

Callum Moore - Valerie (Cover) (Project Video)

Brookfield Primary School - Lazy Dayz (Official Video)

Live Videos

David Mettham - Find Your Way

Katie Ryan - eSTATE (Live)

Jamie O'Connor - Pictures (Cover) (Live)

Talia - Believe to Achieve (Live)

Blakey & Roach - Childhood in the Wildhood (Live) Explicit

Fake Leather - 28 Days Later (Cover) (Live)

Aithusa - Too Dark (Live) Explicit

Akky - State of Me (Live) Explicit

Callum Moore - Empire State of Mind (Cover) (Live)

Lily Ireland - Please Dont Stop the Music (Cover) (Live)

Blaze Summer Festival - Preston Guild 2012

As part of the Cultural Olympiad for the North-west, Blaze put on a remarkable live event on the local park. The infrastructure was huge and the effort taken to establish it must have been immense. Either way it offered many of our local young people to perform to a real audience, on a real stage, at a real festival…a luxury for most. Our little bit of input was for a selected number of artists to perform on the community stage to a an excited crowd. Nearly all of our young people were nervous, well, it was their first time. They all performed brilliantly and the pictures are here for you to take a look at the event.

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